PE PP Rigid Plastic Pelletizing Line

Our PE PP rigid plastic pelletizzing line works not only for PE PP rigid material, but also for other rigid material such as ABS, PS, etc.

Customer can choose water ring hot cutting or strand pelletizing method. Also single stage or double stage pelletizing is for choice.



Raw Material

PE PP flakes
PE squeezed film

Output Product

PE PP granule by water ring hot cutting
PE PP granule by water ring hot cutting


Main Technical Parameter

Below is the parameter table of PE PP Rigid Plastic Pelletizing Line.

First Stage Motor Power
Second Stage Motor Power

If choose single stage pelletizing line, ignore second stage motor power.
Parameter for reference only, parameter may change according to different configuration.


Main Machine Units

Pelletizing Line Brief Introduction

The basic principle of plastic pelletizing line is make plastic melted and plasticized, extruded by screw to the pelletizing mould, then cooling and cutting to get final granules. During the process, moisture, oil and ink will be evaporated and exhausted, and imputies will be will be filtered and removed.


Screw Loader (optional)

Screw loader convey PE PP material into the extruder hopper. It is equipped by material limit switch. When hopper is full of material, screw loader will stop automatically. Customer can also choose belt conveyor instead of screw loader.


Quantitative Feeder

Quantitative feeder will feed PE PP material into screw and barrel stably and continuously, controlled by inverter to adjust feeding speed. It can avoid massive PE PP material blocked at the feeding part of screw and barrel.



When PE PP material fed into the extruder, the screw and barrel will plasticize the material, mixing and conveying. During this process, the vacuum degassing part of the screw barrel will make moisture, oil and ink evaporated and exhausted.


Hydraulic Screen Changer

The hydraulic screen changer will filter out and remove the impurities inside the material. Apply double station screen changer to realize non stop when changing screen. We offer plate type, piston type, self-clean type and back flush type filter according to customer requirement.


Water ring hot cutting unit (optional)

When PE PP material comes out from the die head mould, they will be cut in granule shape. There is water ring around the cutting blade. When melted material is cut off from the die head, they will fall into the surrounding water ring, to be cooled and transported out. Customer can also choose strand cutting instead of water ring hot cutting.


High Speed Dewatering Machine

High rotation speed of rotor inside dewatering water will create strong centrifugal force, most of the water on the surface of PE PP granule will be removed through the screen mesh around the rotor. The water stored under the dewatering machine will be sent back to water ring cutting unit.



After dried granule comes out from dewatering machine, they will go to the vibrator. Vibrator will filter out granule in qualified sizes and moves to the collection silo. The non-complaint granules will be filtered to other collection bags.