1. The main body of the super heavyweight shredder:
    The main body of the shredder adopts Q235 steel plate welding stress relief treatment / overall machining, and the super heavyweight equipment body ensures the stability of the equipment under heavy load for a long time.
  2. The internal structure of the patented blades:
    The rotary and fixed blades are made of special gold tool steel materials. The rotary blades can be used on multiple sides. They are inlaid and fixed by the pressure block of the blade seat, and the disassembly and replacement of the blades is simple and convenient. The fixed blade can be used on both sides, and it is fixed by bolts for easy disassembly. It can feed materials relative to each other, which greatly improves the production efficiency and gives full play to the high cutting efficiency of the equipment.
  3. Large area screen:
    The size of the mesh determines the size of the crushed material and directly affects the output; the screen is treated with deep carbon immersion to improve its wear resistance. The large-area screen plays a certain role in making up for the lack of small meshes and improving the discharge efficiency.
  4. High-efficiency motor reducer:
    Adopt domestic well-known brands, excellent standard export products, and carry out simulated load test before leaving the factory to ensure the stability and abundance of the power system.
  5. Electrical control system:
    The main electrical control adopts brand electrical components and Siemens PLC intelligent control system.
  6. Multiple protection systems:
    The crushing system has multiple intelligent protections such as mechanical and electrical appliances, and is equipped with star-delta starting of the main motor, hydraulic soft start, automatic loosening of feeding to prevent overload, motor stuck overload, automatic reversal and re-distribution of materials to be crushed and other protections (reversal times. adjustable).

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