Brief Introduction To The Shredder

The main body of the super heavyweight shredder:The main body of the shredder adopts Q235 steel plate welding stress relief treatment / overall machining, and the super heavyweight equipment body ensures the stability of the equipment under heavy load for a long time. The internal structure of the patented blades:The rotary and fixed blades are […]

Electrodialysis Lab Test Unit

Electrodialysis is an electrically driven ion-exchange process which utilizes alternating sequences of cation exchange membranes and anion exchange membranes to effect the separation andconcentration of dissolved salts from various solutions. Selectively permeable ions are transported from one side of a membrane, through the membrane, to the other side of the membrane. These salts are concentrated, […]

What is the Most Recycled Product in the U.S.?

According the Scientific American: “The most recycled product is not aluminum cans–only half are recycled. Or even office paper, at more than 70 percent. It’s the lead acid batteries from your car. More than 99 percent of such batteries wind up recycled.” The US Environmental protection Agency states: “Almost any retailer that sells lead-acid batteries […]

Rare Earth Metals, Technology, Politics and the Perpetual Motion Machine

Believe it or not, there is a technology that manufactures a product that combines these seemingly unre-lated business and political fields.The product is manufactured from rare earth metals that are extracted from mining operations using an acid solution. The used waste acid stream which is the byproduct created by stripping the metals from the ore, […]